Activated Magnesium will prevent migraines, muscle cramps, spasms or other migraine related issues. Normally $49.95 for a 4-6 week course, we’re offering a $15 coupon code so you can get an entire full size bottle for just $34.95, plus we will include FREE shipping.. This is an exclusive on-line offer. Please keep reading for full details.

Did you know that magnesium is a muscle relaxant that can bring you potential relief from migraine and tension headaches? Read how to enhance absorption of Magnesium for maximum results​​

Sometimes we get so used to using the same old products that we fail to take a step back and ask ourselves if there is something better available now.

Here’s the TRUTH about Magnesium that has been hidden from us for many years… When I first started doing my own research over 4 years ago I began to discover the enormous amount of inaccurate information out there. I was also amazed at how much evidence there was for natural minerals including magnesium but no-one was utilizing it.

But here is the thing that very few people know. Magnesium doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier unless it is in combination with certain vitamins, including many of the B group vitamins. Nor does it enter the muscle tissue unless it is combined with Vitamin B6. What does that all mean? : it means that if you only take a straight Magnesium supplement, much of the Magnesium you take is simply excreted from your body and has little or no effect. It simply flushes right through your system without crossing the blood brain barrier or entering muscle tissue, where it needs to be to do its work. Most doctors even know that Magnesium is a critical element in the body and they also know that it is a proven muscle relaxant (when combined with the right vitamins) and one of the best potential cures for muscle tension, tension headaches, migraines, PMT and many more muscle related pain issues. But they wont tell you about it because they can’t write a script for it and so they can’t get any kick backs for it from the giant Pharma companies. Basically there is no money in it for them so they don’t tell you about it, which is truly criminal. Most people have the wrong idea that migraines can only be treated with pharmaceutical medications and other expensive treatments, like botox. Well that’s simply not true, but that’s what doctors want us to think because that means more profit for them. The truth is migraine headaches are treatable; you just need to know what’s causing them and what steps to take in order to attack them. Again, the mainstream medical system only hides the symptoms and the pain for a while, leaving us migraine sufferers alone and without a solution to our problem. Neurologists and other specialists who treat only the headache (not the cause) can’t seem to find what the problem really is. Many migraine sufferers are bounced between 15 and 20 different doctors and specialists over the years, trying all the available methods, therapies and medications, and that costs a lot of money. That’s just how the system works, that’s why the pharmaceutical and medical industry makes billions of dollars each and every year.​

There is solid scientific evidence to show that blending Magnesium with co-factors Vitamin B6 and Zinc, in exactly the right ratios, helps the magnesium to cross the blood brain barrier and also to enter the soft muscle fiber, where it can go to work relaxing the muscles, just as it is meant to do. Our patented blending process, which utilizes this scientific technology, blends the magnesium in exactly the right ratios to the B6 & Zinc, and bonds them together for maximum uptake into the bloodstream. The Cramp Bark and Passionflower compliment the Vitamin and mineral blend by adding to the muscle relaxing properties as well as helping with sleeplessness and anxiety, 2 conditions which go hand in hand with chronic migraine.

Combining these powerful co-factors, of Vitamin B6 and Zinc, with Magnesium into one capsule is what makes this product so impressive. The creative thinking behind this product is why it is skyrocketing up the sales ranks in worldwide retailers such as Migraine Stop provides​


  • Maximum Magnesium Uptake
  • No Gluten * No Lactose * No Preservatives
  • Benefits of Passionflower for anxiety and stress reduction

In order to get the word out about this breakthrough new product, a limited number of consumers are able to purchase a full size bottle at a $15.00 discount. You can try the entire bottle for only $34.95 (plus free postage)​. If you are suffering from mild to severe migraine or tension headaches, click the “Next Page” button to claim your $15 discount code and see how powerful it is for yourself!

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